Walk-in Bath with Side Door for Easy Access – The Texas

Walk-in Bath with Side Door for Easy Access – The Texas 2017-07-19T19:44:18+00:00

Our biggest and longest upright walk-in bath offering a generous bathing area

Walk in Bath with Door and Side Entry - The TexasThe Texas is our largest walk-in bath and has a generous internal bathing area and the side-opening door allows the user to enjoy a deep soak in perfect comfort. The integral built-in seat and contoured backrest also ensures a comfortable, upright position that allows easy entry and exit.

Key features:

  • NEW! Now featuring integrated BioCote anti-microbial technology, proven to kill 99% of all bacteria in 2 hours
  • Accommodates the larger bather
  • High capacity bathing area
  • Low-level access
  • Slip-resistant seat and base
  • Leak-free door with lifetime seal guarantee
  • Outward opening door with side access
  • External locking mechanism
  • Left or right hand options
  • Air spa option

When you should consider this model:

  • When an extra large bath is sought for additional comfort
  • When a large bathroom or other area is available
  • When there is adequate space for an outward-opening door


529 litres


Length 1365mm
Width 835mm
Height 1040mm

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