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Walk-in baths from Access offer more choice to the trade than any other European walk-in bath manufacturer. With 9 models to choose from and 20 different configurations plus a variety of options, choosing an Access bath means you are assured of the ideal solution each and every time. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our high quality, rigorously tested walk-in baths meet all safety and usability requirements for an accessible bathroom, delivering real peace of mind. Access is also proud to be the first walk-in-bath company to earn the prestigious Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

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Florida - Compact

easy-access baths
  • L: 980mm W: 660mm H: 960mm
  • Left handed
  • Front access

Vermont - Compact

Vermont walk in bath
  • L: 950mm W: 660mm H: 950mm
  • Left or right handed
  • Side access

Georgia - Midi bath

Georgia walk in bath
  • L: 1245mm W: 660mm H: 950mm
  • Left or right handed
  • Low access entry

Oregon - Midi bath

Oregon midi bath
  • L: 1200mm W: 710mm H: 1015mm
  • Left or righthanded
  • Easy access

California - Maxi bath

California bath
  • L: 1308mm W: 762mm H: 1016mm
  • Left or right handed
  • Tall deep bath

Texas - Maxi bath

Texas bath
  • L: 1360mm W: 835mm H: 1040mm
  • Left or right handed
  • Side entry

Arizona - Full length bath

Arizona walk-in bath
  • L: 1500/1670mm W: 700mm H: 571mm
  • Left or righthanded
  • Inward opening

Louisiana - Full length bath

P-shaped walk in shower bath
  • L: 15/1700mm W: 1000mm H: 565mm
  • Left or right handed
  • Tall deep bath

Montana - Full length bath

easy-access baths
  • L: 1500/1670mm W: 700mm H: 571mm
  • Powered soft or solid seat
  • Inward opening door

Guide to our walk-in baths

With so many configurations, our walk-in baths are suitable for most environments or bathing needs. From unusual bathroom layouts including small or en-suite bathrooms or the simple replacement of a standard tub, our walk-in bath range has something suitable for most requirements by both the end user and the bath installer.

At Access we understand that no two situations are ever the same, which is why we have probably the largest range of accessible bathing products in the UK and throughout Europe. If you would like to find out the benefits or differences of each product, please contact us for more information, either via the website or by speaking to one of our specialist advisors on 0800 810 5787.

Why choose Access for your walk in bath?

Access baths are designed with the user in mind. The bathing experience is thought out completely, we feature some of the lowest step thresholds in the market so getting in and out of the bath is as safe as possible.

For comfort and safety our bath taps are thermostatically controlled to prevent scolding whilst filling and one of the most important aspects of a walk-in bath, the door seal, is guaranteed for life.

Are walk in baths easy to use?

Our walk-in baths are designed to be used by people of all ages or declining mobility helping people stay in their own home longer. Buttons, doors and handles are tested to ensure simplicity for everyone including sufferers of varying conditions such as arthritis.

Easy-access steps and doors

With some of the lowest step in doors on the market, accessing our walk-in baths has never been easier. We offer a choice of both inward and outward opening doors depending on the size or layout of your bathroom as well has right and left handed options.

We also stock a range of more generous sized baths such as the Texas, designed especially for the comfort of the larger bather. These feature extra wide doors to allow for easy access.

All of our baths feature our specially designed leak-free seals which are guaranteed for life.

Walk-in baths with power seat

If the bather prefers a full length bath but has difficulty either lowering into position or lifting themselves back up again, we have two full length walk in baths, the Montana and Louisiana, which feature our easy-to-use powered seat option. The power seat can lower or raise the user at the simple touch of a button. Entrance or exit from the bath is simple with the easy access door.

If stepping into and out of the bath is problematic but the bather can sit down and stand up independently then our Arizona model is a full length option without the powered seat. Like all of our baths, the Arizona features a slip-resistant base for extra safety.

Compact walk-in baths

Smaller compact baths are available, suitable for en-suite bathrooms or where space is at a premium. Both the Florida and the Vermont offer the same features of our other baths but come with a smaller footprint.

Designed for smaller bathrooms, the Florida is the only one of our baths to offer an inward opening door with front access, really making the most of small spaces. Due to its upright design you can still retain full bathing depth.

All dimensions are shown on the website, but for a brochure or more information, please contact one of our walk-in bath advisors FREE on 0800 840 5787.

Spa massage option

All of our walk-in baths have the option of adding our air spa option. For that added bit of luxury, an air spa is fantastic for relaxation, reducing inflammation and relieving various aches and pains.

The spa function can be fitted to both our full length baths and our sit in baths.

Do walk-in baths leak?

A lot of people worry about the possibility of the door seals leaking on walk-in bath. This can be a problem with some of the poorer quality brands on the market, but Access have been designing and manufacturing walk in baths for over 25 years and are so confident in the quality of our products that our door seals come with a lifetime guarantee.

Manufactured in the UK

All of our baths are designed and manufactured in our dedicated UK factory based in the West Midlands. This ensures the highest levels of quality and reliability; we do not import ANY of our easy access bath range, this allows us to offer exceptional technical support for all installation and ongoing maintenance queries. So if you are a plumbing merchant, trade outlet or individual fitter, the Access team can offer you specialist advice for both pre-sale and aftercare.

Walk-in bath prices

As one of the largest suppliers of walk-in baths to the trade, we offer a range of flexible pricing plans, dependent on the volume and mix of baths required. Please contact our sales team for more information on our latest walk in bath prices.