A Guide to Buying the Right Walk-In Bathtub

A Guide to Buying the Right Walk-In Bathtub 2016-11-07T16:23:28+00:00

Access are leading walk-in bath manufacturers for the trade, offering the widest choice of walk-in baths available. Our complete bath range is designed and manufactured in the UK by an expert team to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

We pride ourselves in supplying commercial buyers and trade channels with the very best in walk in bathtubs. Our product range is designed to benefit the needs of the end user, with the largest choice for resellers and plumbing merchants.

Compact Walk-In Bathtubs

Our compact range of walk-in-baths consist of our smallest assisted bathing solutions designed for bathrooms where space is limited.

Our Florida and Vermont walk-in baths are designed for those whose disability or mobility issues means that they struggle to lift themselves up from a lying down position without assistance, hence why these baths have built-in seats for their comfort. These seamless and elegant designs come with leak-free doors (lifetime seal guarantee), slip-resistant base and seats as well as air spa options.

The ‘Florida’ Compact Walk-In BathThe ‘Vermont’ Walk-In Bath With Easy Access

Perfect for many locations including small hotels and B&Bs as well as smaller care homes or residential properties, these baths are best suited when floor space is at a premium.

Midi-Size Walk-In Baths

The Access midi-size range of walk-in baths scale to the size of a traditional bath, designed for someone with mobility difficulties struggling to lift themselves by their own strength.

Our Georgia and Oregon easy access baths are elegantly designed walk-in baths with a generous depth to allow a more comfortable bathing experience. With its integral seat design, it allows users to bathe in upright position, and a slip resistant seat to provide them all support needed.

‘Georgia’, The Elegant Easy Access Bath‘Oregon’, Our Easy Access Deep Walk-In Bath

These products are ideal for environments with a reasonable amount of space. Easy to walk in with comfort and support, these walk-in baths offer its users the highest quality of bathing experience.

Maxi-Size Walk-In Bathtubs

The Access maxi-size range of assisted baths includes our largest walk-in bath the California as well as our biggest and longest upright walk-in bath the Texas. Much larger walk-in bathtubs, our maxi-size products offer a generous and comfortable bathing area. Safety is also ensured with their low level access and slip resistant seats.

The ‘California’, Offering a Larger Bathing Space‘Texas’, Our Longest Upright Walk-In Bath

Full-Length Walk-In Baths

From our full-length range of walk-in baths, the Arizona, the Louisiana and the Montana are our largest walk-in baths offering the very best in assisted bathing solutions. Leak-free doors with lifetime guarantee as well as low-level access ensures an unbeaten bathing experience for its users. These products are ideal for environments with large space available.

The ‘Arizona’ Full Length Walk-In BathThe ‘Louisiana’ P Shaped Bath With ShowerThe ‘Montana’ Full Length Walk-In Bath

Are you in the trade and looking for great value walk-in baths? Look no further than Access and get in touch today.