Full-Length Walk-in Baths

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Our best walk-in alternative to a traditional bath is a full-length walk-in bath. Particularly suited for larger bathrooms, due to their full length this range can also be used as a conventional bath by other members of the family.

As leading UK walk-in bath manufacturers for the trade, the needs and requirements of both trade fitters and the end users are always completely satisfied when choosing Access.

Arizona - Full length bath

Arizona walk-in bath
  • L: 1500/1670mm W: 700mm H: 571mm
  • Left or righthanded
  • Inward opening

Louisiana - Full length bath

P-shaped walk in shower bath
  • L: 15/1700mm W: 1000mm H: 565mm
  • P-shape design
  • Choice of seats

Montana - Full length bath

easy-access baths
  • L: 1500/1670mm W: 700mm H: 571mm
  • Powered soft or solid seat
  • Inward opening door


Our full-length easy access baths meet all safety and usability requirements for an accessible bathroom, ensuring total peace of mind. While catering to your accessibility needs without compromising on classic design as well as featuring unobtrusive details, low-level entry and the option to lie down, our full-length walk-in baths can discreetly fit into your current bathroom, allowing for:

  • All-inclusive use for all the family
  • Various position options
  • Tactful design
  • Comfortable bathing for a range of needs

This range includes the Arizona full-length bath with door, the Louisiana bath shower with easy access & door and the Montana walk-in bath with door and seat.

Looking for a different size? View our full range of walk-in baths to discover which model best suits your requirements.

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