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Bathing with more safety, hygiene and peace of mind than ever before

Market-leading Access Walk-in Baths – now with BioCote technology to protect against harmful bacteria

Integrated anti-microbial protection in every Access Walk-in Bath – a world’s first in Walk-in Baths from the trusted innovators – Access.

For over 20 years BioCote has provided 99.99% protection against harmful bacteria, mould and viruses. This trusted technology now comes as standard with all Access Walk-in Baths and delivers:

  • 99.99% protection against bacteria and mould, known as harmful ‘microbes’

  • Cleaner and fresher bathing

  • More hygienic, even in hard to reach places

  • Protection 24/7 and for the lifetime of the bath

  • Supports stain and odour prevention

  • Lower risk of bather illness

  • Easier to keep hygienically clean

  • Safer to use

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Access Walk-in Baths – for the most clean and fresh bathing experience available today

The science behind BioCote

Microbes thrive in warm and moist environments. Since bathrooms rarely dry out they can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and mould.

When bacteria comes into contact with a BioCote treated Access bath, the technology disrupts its biological functions meaning it cannot grow, multiply or survive.

What is a ‘microbe’?

What is ‘anti-microbial’?

Independently tested and approved by BioCote

BioCote protected products are subjected to regular quality control testing. Only products that demonstrate superior anti-microbial performance carry the BioCote brand.


Harmful effects of microbes

Fast and effective, forever

BioCote starts to work immediately when in contact with microbes. Within less than 2 hours 99.99% of MRSA and E.coli bacteria is eliminated.

Built-in protection, 24/7

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